Fabry Disease Clinical Trials


Fabry Disease is being researched throughout the world. Studies and clinical trials looking at therpeutic options for Fabry Disease are ongoing. Some recent research papers that may prove helpful include;

Quality of life in patients with Fabry disease: a systematic review of the literature; Orphanet, Open Access

Researchers at The Royal Melbourne Hospital are investigating several new treatments to specifically study Fabry Disease

Fabry research

Have you been diagnosed with Fabry Disease?

Researchers throughout the world are investigating several new treatments to specifically treat Fabry disease, as well as additional studies to document and monitor the manifestations of disease beyond basic medical care. Below are some of the studies currently underway:

– Disease registries, in which patients allow their clinical information to be anonymously added to international Fabry registries

– Randomised clinical trials of new treatments for Fabry disease

– Small local studies aimed at better defining and managing the problems of living with Fabry disease

For more information about current Fabry Disease Clinical Trials contact:
Donna North 03 9342 4219 / donna.north@mh.org.au
Elizabeth Centra 03 9342 4219 / elizabeth.centra@mh.org.au

Clinical Trials for Fabry Disease

There are a number of Fabry disease studies listed on the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials website. Some are complete, some have recruited and some are recruiting. To learn more about which clinical studies are happening for Fabry disease go to ANZCTR and type FABRY into the search bar. Remember – there may be a study in another location, however you can still contact the study investigator to find out if you are eligible to apply.

There are also a number of studies listed on the Clinical Trials website in the United States, some of these are within Australia. Go to the Clinical Trials website to search.