Fabry Australia 'Understanding Fabry Disease' Factsheet

Understanding Fabry Disease factsheet booklet was produced by Fabry Australia and reviewed by Fabry Australia's Medical Advisory Committee. It is an excellent resource for explaining Fabry disease to a new diagnosed patient and their family and or friends. It is a helpful resource to show health professionals unfamiliar with Fabry Disease.

Fabry Emergency Card

Fabry Australia has developed the Fabry Emergency Card for Fabry patients, carers and family members to keep on hand in their wallet or handbag. The card is particularly useful in an emergency whereby the health professionals do not know anything about Fabry disease. The card has details of the disease; clinical symptoms, organ involvement as well as the international Medical Emergency Symbol and OMIM code for Fabry disease.

You can request a card via email, please remember to include your postal address.

Resources & Links

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