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Uniting the Australian Fabry community, by working together to improve the lives of those affected by Fabry disease.

Aims and Objectives 

  • Improve contacts, information and support among people affected by Fabry disease and families, within Australia.
  • Bring about more public awareness of Fabry disease.
  • Improve the medical services to Fabry patients in Australia.
  • Promote and support research into Fabry disease.
  • Share information on Fabry disease, ongoing management and care as well as available treatments /therapies, to Fabry patients, their supporting carers and related Fabry stakeholders.
  • Build links with families, clinicians, researchers and support groups, to strengthen and support local knowledge about Fabry disease.
  • Co-operate and collaborate with other Fabry related groups and individuals interested in rare diseases to promote common interests.
  • Help raise money in order to support with achieving these aims.