Fabry Awareness Month - APRIL!


Fabry Australia officially registered Fabry Awareness Month with the Australian Government on the 12th October 2012. 

Each year, during April, we aim to increase the awareness of Fabry Disease by increasing understanding of this rare condition and implications of living with Fabry Disease as a patient and family. 

This year is no different. During Fabry Awareness Month, we hope you will support Fabry Australia and join us in sharing details about Fabry Disease with your family, friends and Doctors.

Ideas of ways to acknowledge 'Fabry Awareness Month'

  • Use our Social Media Titles by sharing to your Social
    Media Account
    (click on the Fabry Awareness Resources Button).

  • Host a Fabry brunch / lunch / morning tea and ask
    friends/ family to donate a gold coin to Fabry Australia.

  • Bake cakes / hold a cake-stall

  • Share the information from the Fabry Australia
    Facebook page  with your family and friends and ask
    them to share too.

  • Write a letter to your MP asking for their support with
    improving access to current treatments and listing new
    treatments for Fabry disease on the LSDP.

Please take photos of your events/ activities and share with Fabry Australia. Thank you for your support and help.