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Pharmaceutical Companies' Support

Fabry Australia (FA) gratefully acknowledges the  support (both financial and 'in kind') of the following pharmaceutical companies. These Pharmaceutical Companies have provided the Fabry Community with hope through their research and the products that they provide.

Fabry Australia acknowledges along with these companies: Sanofi Genzyme, Shire Human Genetic Therapies and Amicus Therapeutics, that such relationships between Patient Associations and Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical companies are important to develop positive health outcomes for Australian Health Consumers. As a member of Medicines Australia, Shire, Amicus and Genzyme Sanofi are bound by its Code of Conduct. The Code sets out standards of conduct for the activities and agreements for companies to engage in with Patient Associations as permitted by Australian legislation. In considering this agreement, Fabry Australia makes it clear that we accept this agreement and do not place any obligation (legal or otherwise) on the companies (sponsors) of Fabry Australia Inc. in relation to the companies and their products. To understand and read more about Medicines Australia Code of Conduct go to: http://medicinesaustralia.com.au/code-of-conduct/  Fabry Australia remains independent of Industry adhering to the mandate of Fabry Australia with the Australian Fabry patients needs at the forefront of all its activities.



As one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical companies in the world, Shire strives “to be as BRAVE as the people we help”. Shire is committed to enabling people with life altering conditions to lead better lives. Through its Human Genetic Therapies (HGT) business, Shire is dedicated to discovering, making and supplying treatments for rare genetic diseases including Fabry Disease and Hereditary Angioedema. Shire opened its Australian office in May 2008 and is located in North Ryde, NSW.


Amicus Therapeutics is pioneering a paradigm-shifting approach to treating a range of human genetic diseases in which crucial proteins are misfolded, thus reducing or eliminating their functionality. Amicus develops pharmacological chaperones – oral therapies that bind to and stabilize the affected proteins, restoring their shape, proper trafficking, and biological activity. This novel, next-generation approach offers the potential to improve treatment options for patients with genetic diseases.


Sanofi Genzyme is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. Its more than 10,000 employees work in countries throughout the world and are united by a common goal: to make a major positive impact on the lives of people with debilitating diseases. Australia has an office in North Ryde NSW and WA.