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Fabry Clinics 

Fabry disease affects each individual differently. The medical management of Fabry disease is diverse and complex and needs to be patient specific. With any multisystemic chronic disorder, effective treatment needs to have a multidisciplinary effort. It is very important that patients be seen at one of the State Fabry treatment centres for a thorough evaluation and assessment in orderto develop a complete treatment plan.

Certain lifestyle changes can be helpful to minimise episodes of pain. In preparation for exercise or exposure to heat, drink plenty of water both before and after exercise. Avoiding or minimising other factors that can cause pain such as stress, physical exertion, heat and sun exposure, and extreme temperatures can also be helpful.

For gastrointestinal distress a number of medications (pancreatic enzyme replacements) have been helpful for some, but not all. Smaller and more frequent meals may be helpful in limiting the amount of diarrhoea. Dietary changes can also impact gastrointestinal distress, by reducing the amount of fats.

It is very important to check with your Fabry Treatment Clinic annually or earlier if needed to clarify and treat Fabry symptoms whether patients are receiving ERT or not.